Whiskey Glazed Smoked Ham Recipe- No ham is complete without a glaze!

 Whiskey Glazed Smoked Ham Recipe

Try this scotch glazed smoked ham, you’’ ll more than happy you did! No ham is total without a glaze, and this Whiskey-based glaze knocks it out of the park!

.Bourbon Glazed Smoked Ham on the Pit Barrel Cooker Step # 0 –– Pre-Cook Preparations.

The ham in this dish requires to be spiral cut –– you can quickly do this yourself, or ask your meat company do it for you. Furthermore, score the leading ““ piece ” of the ham in a diamond pattern. The different cuts will enable the rub, glaze, and smoke from the pit to embed their tastes deeper into the meat.

Quick note: both the glaze and the liquid we’’ ll be spritzing the ham with have bourbon as their base. We recommend you wear’’ t simply choose the least expensive bottle in the – shop– a great scotch actually will make a visible distinction.

.Action # 1 –– Whiskey Glaze &&Spritz.

Now, let’’ s prepare a couple of things that we’’ ll requirement throughout the cook. Specifically, the spritz liquid and the scotch glaze.

For the Whiskey glaze you will require:

.¼ Cup maple syrup ¾ Cup brown sugar2oz Whiskey2oz Barrel of Sunshine (orange, Spice, Maple Liqueur) A pinch of cinnamon.

To make the glaze, merely compine these components over medium heat, stirring carefully. Let the mix simmer for around 5 minutes, or up until it is thickens and simply begins to get onto a spoon.

For the spritz, blend the following active ingredients:

.3oz water2oz Whisky3oz apple juice Step # 2 –– The Cook.

Time to fire up your pit! Let the temperature level increase, then support in the 275ºº F variety. Include a couple portions of your preferred smoke wood –– to remain real to the style, include bourbon barrel staves.

Spritz the ham prior to positioning it on the grill –– enable the liquid to permeate into the cuts and hydrate it. Let it smoke for about 1 1/2 hours.

After one and a half hour of smoking cigarettes, pull the ham off the heat and cover it in foil. This will accelerate the cook a bit, in addition to assist with wetness retention.

.Action # 3 –– The Cook.

Once the ham’’ s core temperature level reaches 130ºº F pull it off the heat once again. Have your glaze all set and warmed up, and use a liberal coat on the whole outdoors surface area of the ham.

Then position the scotch glazed smoked ham back on the cigarette smoker. Clos the cover and let the glaze established for 5-10 minutes. Get it off the pit, get a fork and knife, and dig in!


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