Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken- Have this for Christmas!

 Close up of stack of Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken

The warm, conventional Christmas spice flavours and brown sugar marinade makes this glazed Christmas Chicken additional moist and flavourful, in addition to making it ultra sticky. It remains in reality a variation of my standard and popular ham glaze –– just utilized on chicken!

 Close up of stack of Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken.

Everybody enjoys the glaze on a Christmas ham . One year, I attempted utilizing one variation on chicken and individuals went mad over it!

Easier and more affordable than ham, with a much greater ratio of glaze to meat, this is so great I’’ ve really had individuals inform me they like this chicken more than Christmas ham!!

It’’ s ultra-sticky on the outdoors, and simply tastes and smells like Christmas. The flesh of the chicken is very tender and instilled with flavours from an over night marinade!

This is an excellent alternative to turkey for a Christmas main course. That sticky holiday glaze is finger lickin’ ’ excellent!

.  Close up of Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken What enters Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken.

Basically whatever you take into a Brown Sugar Ham Glaze is utilized for this Christmas Chicken marinade– it ’ s filled with Christmas flavours!

.  Ingredients in Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken Chicken– Use bone-in, skin on drumsticks and thighs. We require the skin to make the chicken sticky in the oven, and the bone assists keep the – meat juicy( and offering the charming impression of a “ mini-ham ”!!) If you demand utilizing skinless, boneless thighs or breast, see dishes notes for how to make it (it includes simmering “the glaze”to minimize it then basting); Oranges– We utilize the passion and juice in the marinade for a subtle tip of citrus flavour– more vacation subtleties! Don ’ t avoid the – passion by utilizing bottled orange juice rather. Passion truly brings an extra-special fresh touch to this meal; Spices– Cinnamon, allspice, ginger and entire star anise– 4 typical vacation spices; Brown sugar– For fantastic caramel flavours, this is what – makes the chicken sticky; Dijon Mustard and vinegar– These supply the tang in the marinade to stabilize the sweet taste. The mustard likewise thickens the glaze somewhat so it holds on to the chicken much better; andOlive oil– For a touch of richness to the glaze. Any type of (fairly neutral) oil will do the task fine here. How to make Christmas Chicken.

The making part includes a 24 hour marinade to actually get all those terrific Christmas flavours instilled into the flesh prior to roasting in the oven up until it ends up being golden and sticky.

.  How to make Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken Make marinade: Mix the marinade together in a container or bowl. Don ’ t faster way it in the ziplock bag; you truly require a whisk to liquify whatever correctly( as I found out!); Marinate chicken– Pour marinade over the chicken in a ziplock bag. Yes’, I acknowledge ziplock bags aren ’ t eco-friendly and I actually attempt to reduce their usage, eg. When I can, wash and re-use. For marinades, they are undisputedly the finest method to get the flavour totally instilled all around and through the chicken( with less marinade waste). If you ’ re actually averse to using ziplock bags, then scale the marinade up by 50 %and utilize a non reactive bowl or container, and toss the chicken a number of times while marinading; Marinate 24 hours for finest outcomes. Approximately 48 hours is great, bare minimum is 3 hours. The glaze is so incredible, it ’ s still ok even if it hasn ’ t had time to completely permeate all through the flesh; Roast 50 minutes– Divide the chicken and all the marinade in between 2 trays. Ensure to line with foil AND then parchment/baking paper– you ’ ll thank me later on, when you wear ’ t need to scrub intensely with a scourer! Bake for 50 minutes –; Baste, baste, baste! Basting is the essential to that sticky golden surface area! Start basting at 30 minutes. In the beginning, the pan juices will be watery however towards completion of the cook time will thicken and lower. When you can actually get a great thick glaze on the chicken, this is!

Glaze modification: The technique with any glazed or sticky chicken is getting the timing right, so the pan juices minimize and end up being syrupy in the time it considers the chicken to prepare through within. There ’ s a great deal of variables that impact this– oven strength, chicken size, tray size, and likewise cost-effective chicken can be pumped with salt water that makes then leech more liquid= more water to vaporize prior to it ends up being a glaze.


The excellent news is, the repair is simple! The chicken will be prepared at 50 minutes. If – the tray juices are still too thin, simply take the chicken off the tray then pop the empty tray back in. The tray juices will take minutes to lower into a syrup. Once it does, baste, baste, baste!

.  Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken fresh out of the oven

The flavour of this Christmas Chicken actually is similar to a glazed ham! Other than, well, you understand. Chicken, rather of ham. But WAY more sticky glaze to walk around than the sliver you get on each piece of ham( if any at all!).

. What to serve with Christmas Chicken.

I ’ m sharing this with Christmas time in mind, however I actually do believe this is a terrific one for throughout the year! Since the glaze is rather extremely flavoured, attempt it with a light, revitalizing side salad, such as a Spring Salad (asparagus, peas, snow peas, lettuce), a French Bistro Salad or for something a bit more significant, this Bean Tabbouleh Salad .


For correct Christmas menu tips along with my finest Christmas side meals, take an assisted trip through my collection in my Christmas Recipes &Menus post. Otherwise, check out my Christmas Recipes Collection at your leisure, freshly arranged by classification to make it simple and good for you to get your Christmas occasion prepared and pulled-off!

&. . If you offer this a shot, #ppppp> I ’d love to understand what you believe! Does it advise YOU of Christmas ham?? — Nagi x

. Enjoy how to make it  Close up of stack of Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken Print Sticky Glazed Christmas Chicken Recipe video above. Everyone enjoys the glaze on a Christmas ham . One year, I utilized it for chicken rather and individuals went mad over it! Much easier and more affordable than ham, with a much greater ratio of glaze to meat, this is so excellent I’ve really had individuals inform me they enjoy this more than Christmas ham!! It’s ultra-sticky on the outdoors, and tastes and smells like Christmas. The meat is extremely tender– we’ve virtually sluggish prepared the chicken! Course Christmas, MainCuisine Christmas, Holiday, WesternKeyword Christmas chicken, glazed chicken, vacation chicken, spiced chicken, sticky chicken wings Prep Time 10 minutesCook Time 1 hour Servings 6– 8 individuals Calories 564cal Author Nagi Ingredients1.2 kg/ 2.4 pound chicken thighs, skin on, bone in( Note 1 )800g/ 1.6 pound chicken drumsticks, or more thighs (Note 1 )Marinade5 tsp orange enthusiasm (2 oranges) 1/2 cup orange juice (from the zested oranges )1/4 cup cider vinegar (sub gewurztraminer, sherry or champagne vinegar) 1/2 cup brown sugar, gently packed2 tablespoon Dijon mustard1 tablespoon olive oil2 tsp ground cinnamon1 1/2 tsp allspice1 tsp ground ginger2 entire star anise2 tsp salt1/2 tsp black pepperServing and garnishes2 oranges, cut into wedges or halved then slicedgood worth leafy greens– like endive, watercress, for the bedorange enthusiasm curls (Note 3) Cups Metric InstructionsMarinate ChickenMix Marinade active ingredients in a container. Put over chicken in a big ziplock bag( Note 2). Massage to coat, then marinade chicken for preferably 24 hr (bare minimum is 3 hrs, 12 hrs is okay). CookPreheat oven to 200 ° C/390 ° F (180 ° C fan). Line 2 trays with foil then parchment/baking paper (you’ll thank me later on ). Disperse chicken on trays, then put the marinade over.°Roast 30 minutes.Roast for a more 20 minutes, basting with pan juices 2 or 3 more times till the chicken is deep golden and sticky. In the beginning, the juices will be watery however in the last 10 minutes or two, they will darken and thicken. Baste more often and greatly as soon as this takes place.( Note 4) When the leading tray is nearly prepared, change the tray positions( ie move bottom tray up and put the leading tray undenerath )so they end up at the exact same time. OBJECTIVE: Deep golden and sticky chicken! Prior to plating up, baste once again with the sticky juices.Serving recommendation: Spread leafy greens on a plate, stack on sticky chicken. Embellish with orange pieces or wedges. Notes1. Chicken– Skin is needed for the glaze to truly caramelise perfectly. Bone-in is best due to the fact that the chicken pieces remain juicy for the cook time needed to make the chicken sticky, and it likewise looks like a “ mini-ham ”! Entire Chicken– I actually desired it to work however it didn ’ t! You would require to “double or”triple the marinade to salt water an entire chicken effectively. I attempted a’paste type however the sugar triggered the top of the chicken to get “ too caramelised: ”( ie scorched!) prior to the sides even got colour. If you spatchcock/butterfly the chicken, I” am positive it will work since it cooks in practically the exact same time as the pieces I utilized! For boneless skinless thighs and breast– Recipe requires to be changed as follows: Pound breast to 2cm/ 0.8 ″ even density; Marinate thighs/ breast – per dish, then eliminate chicken. Simmer scheduled marinade in a pan till it thickens into a thick glaze– about 5 minutes on medium. Utilize the glaze for basting; Cook chicken: Oven– 20 minutes at 180 ° C/350 ° F( or till internal temperature level signs up 65 ° C/149 ° F for breast and 75 ° C/165 ° F for thighs ). Baste at 15 minutes, 18 minutes then right before serving. BARBEQUE &range– cook°breast 6 minutes on medium high, basting frequently. Prepare thighs on medium for 8 minutes. 2. Ziplock bag is – best to get the chicken completely covered in the marinade. If you choose not to utilize, you can utilize a bowl or non reactive container rather, however increase the marinade by 50 %and toss the chicken one or two times throughout the marinading time. Do not put over the additional 50% when roasting– it will develop too much liquid and make the glaze too salted if you scale up the marinade. 3. Orange zest curls– Use a zester or sharp knife to cut thin strips. Twist around the manage of a wood spoon or comparable, then leave for 15 minutes+ then it will hold its curled – shape. 4. Glaze change– if the tray juices sanctuary ’ t thickened to a syrup by the 50 minute mark (see post for variables that can trigger this), then get rid of the chicken (cover with foil to keep – warm) and return empty trays’to oven. Tray juices will lower in minutes into a syrup, at which point they can be utilized to glaze the chicken. 5. Storage– Leftovers will keep for 4 days in the refrigerator and reheat to sticky, juicy excellence. Can likewise be frozen– thaw then reheat utilizing microwave or loosely covered in the oven( 180C/350F for 15 – minutes approximately). Due to the fact that it reheats so well, this is an excellent one to make ahead completely, though the caramelisation is somewhat much better when newly made. Make ahead– Combine chicken with marinade then put it directly in the freezer. Thaw the chicken in the refrigerator for 24 hours, throughout this time the chicken will marinade. Prepare per dish. 6. Nutrition per serving, presuming 8 portions. Keep in mind – that this does not consider fat from chicken left on the tray so the calories are greater than truth. NutritionCalories: 564cal|Carbohydrates: 21g|Protein: 35g|Fat: 37g|Hydrogenated Fat: 10g|Cholesterol: 208mg|Salt: 792mg|Potassium: 555mg|Fiber: 1g|Sugar: 18g|Vitamin A: 270IU|Vitamin C: 26mg|Calcium: 54mg|Iron: 2mg Life of Dozer.

More pictures from the weekend when our regional pet dog professional photographer (Kevin from Unleashed Northern Beaches )was down at the caninebeach doing Christmas images! He brought some props down including this little green hat. Initially, he got this image …. ….

.  Dozer and Nagi Bayview Christmas 2020

…. Dozer lost the hat in deep water which needed a rescue objective by yours really, so THIS took place:

.  Dozer and Nagi Bayview Christmas 2020

And I wasn ’ t using my swimming outfit on that day!! Bachelor’s degree ha ha!


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