Steamed Carrots: The perfect simple side dish

Steamed carrots are a best easy side meal for hurried weeknights!

Steamed carrots are naturally sweet and vibrant, and they include an increase of nutrition to any meal! This dish is exceptionally simple to make and terrific with practically anything!

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.Basic Side Dish.

Steamed fresh carrots taste a lot better than canned or frozen!

They are insane and economical simple to preparation. You can buy bags of child carrots which suggests there’’ s actually no preparation at all for this dish!

Last however not least, steamed carrots make a terrific thickener and natural sweetener in soups and sauces (I include them to marinara in location of sugar).

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CARROTS This basic dish requires carrots. Usage garden carrots, child carrots, routine grocery carrots! I cut them in half lengthwise if the carrots are actually thick.

SEASONINGS Butter, pepper, and salt are contributed to these steamed carrots. Attempt garlic butter, Italian spices, or paprika for a kick (or a little bit of brown sugar if you’’d like)!


 Steamed Carrots in a strainer

.How to Steam Carrots.

With very little effort, this scrumptious side meal can be all set to enter minutes!

How to Steam Carrots on the Stovetop

.Location a cleaner basket of carrots in a stockpot with water listed below the basket. Bring the water to a simmer and cover the pot. Enable carrots to steam at a simmer according to dish guidelines listed below. Toss and eliminate carrots with butter and spices.

How to Microwave Carrots

.Location ready carrots in a microwave-safe bowl with ¾ cup of water. Cover with a paper towel or cling wrap. Poke holes over the top of the cling wrap to permit steam to get away. Prepare on high for 3 minutes at a time or till carrots hurt, about 9-12 minutes in all. Leftovers Keep steamed carrots in an airtight container in the fridge for approximately 4 days. Reheat them in the microwave. Or, include leftovers to soup or stew (include prior to serving so they wear’’ t overcook). Mash leftovers and include them to mashed sweet potatoes , and even to mashed potatoes

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.Got Carrots? Creamy Carrot Soup Recipe Creamy Carrot Salad Easy Oven Roasted Carrots Carrot Banana Bread Glazed Carrots  close up of Steamed Carrots Steamed Carrots These Steamed Carrots hurt and just experienced with salt, butter, and pepper. Course Side DishCuisine American Prep Time 5 minutesCook Time 10 minutesTotal Time 15 minutes Servings 4 Calories 97 Author Holly Nilsson Ingredients1 pound carrots (approx 5 medium-sized carrots) 2 tablespoons buttersalt &&pepper to taste InstructionsCut carrots into sticks 2″ long and ½” thick (or utilize child carrots). Location carrots in a cleaner basket. Include water to the bottom of a pan so it is listed below the cleaner basket, about 1 cup.Bring to a boil, minimize heat to a simmer and cover. Enable carrots to steam 8-11 minutes or up until tender-crisp. Toss carrots with salt, pepper, and butter. Serve warm. NotesEnsure the water does not vaporize while cooking, include more if needed.Steam is extremely hot, utilize care when eliminating the cover after steaming. Garden fresh or child carrots will prepare quicker while shop purchased carrots might require a couple of minutes additional. NutritionCalories: 97|Carbohydrates: 11g|Protein: 1g|Fat: 6g|Hydrogenated Fat: 4g|Cholesterol: 15mg|Salt: 128mg|Potassium: 363mg|Fiber: 3g|Sugar: 5g|Vitamin A: 19119IU|Vitamin C: 7mg|Calcium: 37mg|Iron: 1mg  close up of Steamed Carrots with composing  Steamed Carrots in the strainer with a title  Steamed Carrots with a title  Steamed Carrots prior to and after steaming with a title

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