How to make a pea puree

 Pea Puree in a bowl, all set to be servedq

Pea Puree is a great dining restaurant preferred, liked for the lively splash of colour it contributes to a plate, that it serves a double function as a side and sauce, in addition to the sweet flavour that sets so well with practically any protein!

This is a dish provided to me by a classically skilled French Chef, Jean Baptiste of Baptiste &&Wilson .

 Pea Puree in a bowl, prepared to be served Pea Puree.

Welcome to Day 14 of the inaugural Holiday Salad Marathon , where I’’ m sharing 30 salads in a row through to Christmas Eve. Something various to the normal sugar-loaded baking countdowns !!

Now, I do understand that today’’ s dish isn ’ t a salad as such, however it is made with veggies (peas count!). And likewise it is an extremely silver lining meal for the Rack of Lamb I simply released so I’’ m stating that it certifies!

I likewise believe that this is an exceptional side meal alternative for roasts and other grand centrepieces that make a look throughout the joyful season. I like how it includes a huge splash of colour to any table. Plus, it’’ s something various from the normal mashed potato ?

.  Cooking peas for Pea Puree What is pea puree?

It is actually prepared peas that are blitzed till it’’ s a smooth puree. It tastes like peas– sweet and a relatively subtle flavour that makes it perfect to work as a side meal with numerous things.

It’’ s a great dining restaurant preferred, frequently utilized to smear onto a plate prior to artfully organizing a piece of protein on top.

Basic dishes will simply boil with stock/broth then blitz which is great, however it actually simply tastes like peas.

To make Pea Puree correctly, the method great dining restaurants do, begin by sautéing garlic and eschalots in butter prior to including the peas and stock. This one little additional action truly makes all the distinction. It makes pea puree taste elegant.

 How to make Pea Puree Find information of my food mill in My Essential Kitchenware post. What enters Pea Puree.

Here’’ s what you require:


Yes, you see frozen peas. Due to the fact that I completely purchase into the entire breeze frozen thing!!

If you have the time to pod your own peas, I praise you. (And please welcome me over for supper).

 Pea Puree in a food mill Optional straining –– for ultra smooth.

I’’ m not going to lie to you –– if you’’ re at my home for a casual supper, I’’ ll serve Pea Puree to you right out of the food mill. If you’’ ve got an effective one, it will be acceptably smooth.

However, if you actually wish to accomplish the requirement of great dining restaurants, stress it through a mesh colander. It’’ s simple and utilizing a rubber spatula it takes less than 1 minute to do.

Do that, and the pea puree will be silky smooth!

 Straining Pea Puree The recurring left in the colander is the skin of peas.  Silky smooth pea puree in a bowl, all set to be served Close up of ultra smooth pea puree. How to serve Pea Puree.

Pea Puree is astonishing served with nearly any protein for both the lively colour it contributes to any plate or meal, along with the subtle sweet flavour.

It serves as both a side meal in addition to like a sauce, and the factor I’’ m sharing this dish is due to the fact that it’’ s a recommended side/sauce for a Rosemary Crumbed Rack of Lamb I simply shared.

 Pea Puree and Rack of Lamb

Pea Puree will match actually any protein –– meat or seafood. Here are a couple of concepts:

.easy baked Chicken Breast or pan fried piece of fish it would look spectacular under a Crispy Skin Salmon (in truth, that’’ s a classy dining establishment preferred!) exceptional together with Crackling Roast Pork , and a match made in paradise with a buttery Herb &&Garlic Roast Chicken

To serve it, you can either do it the great dining method –– dollop and spread out the pea puree onto a plate then location protein on top. Or simply do it the typical individuals’’ s method and serve bowls of it with a spoon for everyone to assist themselves! –– Nagi x

PS In case you remained in any doubt, the latter is my method.

What is the Holiday Salad Marathon?

This is my inaugural Christmas dish countdown where I am sharing 30 salad dishes in a row up until Christmas Eve –– something entirely various to individuals’’ s typical baking countdowns!


These salads remain in addition to my routine 3 brand-new dishes a week. Due to the fact that aren ’ t you tired of’the normal tomato-cucumber-lettuce garden salad regular??

Click here to see all the Holiday Salad Marathon dishes to date, or register for instantaneous updates and you’’ ll get a totally free e-mail alert whenever I release a brand-new salad!

 Pea Puree in a bowl, prepared to be served Print Pea Puree Basic dishes will require simply boiling peas then pureeing. The great dining restaurant method is to saute garlic and eschalots in butter prior to including peas and stock to simmer till soft, blitzing into a puree then pushing through a colander to make it silky smooth. It tastes luxurious!Wonderful side meal with any protein –– meats, roasts, fish, prawns/shrimp –– for both the splash of colour and the double function it functions as a side meal along with a semi-sauce. Good modification from the typical mash! Course Side DishCuisine French, WesternKeyword chickpea dish, frozen peas, pea puree, pea side meal Prep Time 10 minutesCook Time 6 minutes Servings 6 –– 8 individuals Author Nagi Ingredients1 kg/ 2 pound frozen peas125g/ 8 tablespoon butter, unsalted2 garlic cloves, minced2 medium eschalots, carefully sliced (ie the infant onions, aka French onions, United States: shallots) 2 cups chicken or veggie stock/broth, low salt (usage veggie stock if the puree is for fish) 1/4 tsp salt1/8 tsp white pepperMinted alternative:1 little handfuls mint leaves (optional) Cups –– Metric InstructionsAromatics: Melt butter in a pan over medium heat. Include garlic and eschalots, saute 3 minutes till soft, however do not let them go golden.Cook peas: Add frozen peas and stock, boost heat to give simmer then minimize and cover heat to medium. Simmer 2 minutes.Reserve Liquid: Remove 1/3 cup liquid from the pan, reserve.Blitz: Transfer all peas and staying liquid into a food mill. Include salt and pepper, and mint if utilizing. Blitz on high for 1 minute up until smooth.Optional straining: For additional smooth, press through a mesh colander with a rubber spatula (it’s simple). Change consistency: Use Reserved Liquid as required to accomplish the wanted consistency –– I like a soft, dolloping consistency. Often individuals desire it looser. Include more salt and pepper if preferred –– keep in mind, this is not expected to be highly flavoured or seasoned!Serve warm. Either dollop/smear onto plates, or serve in bowls for individuals to assist themselves. Life of Dozer.

Just another day in the Life of Dozer –– at the regional pet park!

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