8 delicious ways of Holiday Crostini

 Holiday Crostini Topping Ideas

Crostini –– with 8 crostini topping concepts with a focus on vacation and Christmas! A simple canapé of crispy toasted bread topped anything you desire, this is an extremely finger food that’’ s simple and affordableto make.


The crostini bread can be made days and days beforehand– it remains crispy for ages!

 Christmas Crostini Starter


Everybody enjoys finger food. No requirement to handle a knife and fork, battle with chopsticks or scoop with spoons. Simply clutch your mixed drink and utilize your other to pop these in your mouth!

““ Crostini ” suggests “ little toast ” in Italian which ’ s precisely what it is– thin, little pieces of bread toasted till crisp then stacked with garnishes –.


As for what garnishes– you ’ re just restricted by your creativity! From veggies to treated meats, seafood to cheese, there’’ s truly no guidelines for what to overdo.


I initially shared this in 2019 with 4 relatively traditional Crostini topping concepts, however I’’ ve continued to contribute to my collection so I’’ ve upgraded this post with more so now there’’ s 8!


 Serving plate filled with Crostini - Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Avocado, Mediterranean and Caprese

.Crostini Topping Ideas Smoked Salmon with Lemon Dill Cream Cheese; Caprese –– tomato, bocconcini and basil ended up with balsamic glaze; Prawn/ Shrimp with Avocado; Mediterranean –– ricotta topped with sliced olives, sun dried tomatoes and other antipasto-type things;  ⭐ New! Strawberry &&Honey with Goats Cheese –– very quick, looks so quite, fantastic flavour mix!  ⭐ New! Chilli Mint Prawns/Shrimp with Pea Pure –– the spray of red and green is so joyful!  ⭐ New! Uncommon Roast Beef with Hot English Mustard –– another very basic no preparation crostini!  ⭐ New! Vacation Tapenade Crostini –– carefully sliced Cranberries, Olives and Almonds set so well with the sweet/tart/salty/ nutty.

 Close up of Prawn/Shrimp Avocado Crostini held by hand

First, let me reveal you how to make the Crostini itself.

.What you require to make crostini.

The secret here is to discover a little, thinnish baguette/ French stick. Little sufficient so when sliced, the bread is ““ 2 bite ” size. Crostini are suggested to be canapé size!

The garlic is utilized to gently rub the bread for a tip of garlic flavour. This offers the crostini a subtle tip of garlic flavour that offers it an unique edge. Cheffy pointer!

 What you require to make Crostini

.How to make Crostini.

Slice the bread very finely, brush both sides with additional virgin olive oil, spray with salt then bake till crisp, rubbing with garlic midway through the bake.

Bake the bread up until it’’ s 100 %crisp– that ’ s how crostini is expected to be( unlike Bruschetta which is toasted so it’’ s still soft of the within).


TIP: The crostini bread can be made days and days ahead of time!


 How to make crostini

.What’’ s the distinction in between Bruschetta and Crostini?

Crostini is essentially a smaller sized, small variation of Bruschetta –– grilled/toasted bread with garnishes such as fresh tomato and basil (traditional Tomato Bruschetta ), veggies, treated meats, seafood, antipasto, cheese –– the possibilities are unlimited!

Bruschetta is likewise less crisp than crostini which is completely baked till it’’ s 100 %crisp, whereas bruschetta is toasted or grilled like regular toast –– so it’’ s still soft onthe within.

.1. Smoked Salmon Crostini.

This is a really – timeless flavour mix– smoked salmon with something velvety( cream cheese ), lemony, dill( finest mates with salmon!) and capers.

This is an extremely sophisticated Crostini topping choice that would be right in the house circulated over pre supper champagne or Mimosas at an unique event supper celebration.

Or, when it comes to my friends and family, crowding around the kitchen area bench nicely waiting on the last one to be put together prior to hands dive in to get them!

 Close up of Smoked Salmon Crostini with cream cheese, dill, lemon and capers

 How to make Smoked Salmon Crostini

.2. Caprese Crostini.

Ah Caprese! I enjoy you in salad type , with baked Eggs for breakfast –– and I enjoy you in small kind on crispy pieces of crostini!

You’’ ll like the mix of the velvety bocconcini with the juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and the pops of extreme sweet/tang from the Balsamic glaze!

 Close up of Caprese Crostini with bocconcini, cherry tomatoes, basil and balsamic glaze

 How to make Caprese Crostini

.3. Prawn/ Shrimp Crostini with Avocado.

This is constantly the very first to go! (Don’’ t ask me why it ’ s not the very first one I ’ m sharing ). Garlic shrimp/prawns and avocado is an addicting mix (attempt this Shrimp/Prawn Avocado Salad !).

Add a drizzle of lime juice, a fresh spray of coriander/cilantro, stack it onto the crispy crostini and be gotten ready for a mouthful of paradise!

 Close up of Prawn/Shrimp Avocado Crostini held by hand

 How to make Prawn/ Shrimp Avocado Crostini

.4. Mediterranean.

I make this a LOT due to the fact that it’’ s the quickest to prepare! Simply purchase a tub of combined antipasto, smear ricotta on the crostini, stack on the antipasto and you’’ re done.


You get all the totally free juiciness and flavour from whatever the antipasto was marinaded in. It’’ s vibrant so it’looks excellent. And it ’ s simply a terrific mix of – flavour and textures– ricotta likewise assists keep the topping adhere to the crostini much better.

 Close up of Mediterranean Crostini with olives, grilled peppers, marinaded eggplant

 How to make Mediterranean Crostini

For the next 4, I put on’’ t have images of components nor are they consisted of in the video due to the fact that I’’ m including these in as bonus that I occurred to photo throughout the year. Believe me when I state you do not require a video assistance for these –– they are very basic!  ❤

.5. Strawberry Goats Cheese with Honey.

You will require: ripe strawberries, softened goats cheese, fresh thyme leaves and honey.

Fruit, spreadable cheese and honey is a traditional flavour mix that you can’’ t fail with, and it looks so quite!

. 5. Unusual Roast Beef with Hot English Mustard.

All you require: Rare roast beef (carefully shaved), hot English mustard, cream cheese (or goats cheese or soft Danish feta) and small sprigs of rocket/arugula.

This is a buy-assemble scenario. The pink beef pieces look fantastic when topped with a sprig of green, the cream cheese includes welcome ““ dampness ” and serves as the glue, and a little dab of mustard is constantly a (good? ) surprise when you bite into it!

.5. Vacation Tapenade –– almonds, cranberries, olives.

You will require: goats cheese, black and green olives, almonds, dried cranberries, parsley.

Finely sliced and integrated to make a tapenade, then overdid crostini spread out with goats cheese, this is an unexpected mix of active ingredients that works so well! It’’ s that salty/sweet/nutty/ crispy thing –– and the flavours are best on style for Holidays!

.8. Chilli Mint Prawns on Parmesan Pea Puree.

You will require: prepared prawns/shrimp, frozen peas, parmesan, parsley, chilli, mint, garlic and lemon.

The intense green parmesan pea puree looks fantastic versus the white/pink prawns and the parsley/chilli scattering offers it a joyful surface while a little mint in the puree includes an additional aspect of fresh flavour. Extremely summery!

 Wooden board filled with Crostini - Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Avocado, Mediterranean and Caprese

And there we have it –– simply 8 of hundreds, countless topping possibilities!

For an event with pals, attempt serving these with rejuvenating Mojitos –– or vibrant Tequila Sunrises ! For a more stylish pre supper choice, I believe Cosmopolitans would be perfect. –– Nagi x

.Enjoy how to make it.

Print Crostini – 8 tasty methods! Dish video above. Crostini – with 8 wonderful topping concepts, with a focus on joyful vacation garnishes! Believe – colour, Christmas flavours, simple to make in big batches, and incredibly economical.The crostini bread can be made days beforehand, it remains crispy for ages!Quantity – particular for each Topping in active ingredients list. Course Finger Food, Party FoodCuisine WesternKeyword Crostini, finger food Prep Time 20 minutesCook Time 10 minutes Servings 16 – 30 pieces Author Nagi IngredientsCrostini:30 pieces artisan type baguette or French stick, cut 0.5 cm/ 1/4-inch thick on the diagonal (Note 1) 3 tablespoon additional virgin olive oilSalt1 garlic clove, cut in halfCaprese (makes 30):350 g/ 12 oz infant bocconcini (little ones), cut into 8 (Note 2) 400g/ 14 oz cherry tomatoes, cut into 8 (Note 3) 1/2 cup (jam-packed) basil leaves, carefully sliced3 tablespoon additional virgin olive oil3/4 tsp salt and pepper, each4 tablespoon balsamic glaze, save purchased or homemadeSmoked Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese (makes 30):250 g/ 8oz spreadable cream cheese (or creme fraiche, Note 4) 2 tsp lemon zest2 tablespoon lemon juice1 tsp salt and pepper, each1/3 cup dill, carefully chopped500g/ 1 pound smoked salmon, cut into 2cm/ 4/5″ x 7.5 cm/ 3″ strips75g/ 2.5 oz child capers30 dill sprigs, for garnishMediterranean (makes 30):500 g/ 1 pound antipasto mix – olives (pitted), peppers, sun dried tomato, artichokes250g/ 8 oz ricotta, or comparable (smooth simplest to spread out) Prawns/Shrimp Avocado (makes 30):500 g/1 pound prawns/shrimp, peeled and deveined2 garlic cloves, minced1/2 tsp each salt and pepper3 tablespoon olive oil, separated2 eschallots/French onions, carefully chopped1/4 cup coriander/cilantro leaves, carefully chopped2 tablespoon lime juice2 avocados, cut in half and seed removedStrawberry Goats Cheese – brand-new! (16 pieces) 14 – 16 ripe strawberries, sliced 3mm/ 1/8″ thick2 tsp fresh thyme leaves2 tablespoon honey160g/ 5.5 oz goats cheese, softened (or cream cheese, Danish feta or a great smooth ricotta) Rare roast beef with Hot English Mustard – brand-new! (16 pieces) 180g/ 6oz uncommon roast beef, shaved or carefully sliced160g/ 5.5 oz goats cheese, softened (or cream cheese, Danish feta or a great smooth ricotta) 2 tsp Hot English Mustard or more, if you’’ re brave! 16 child rocket/arugula leaf, for garnishHoliday Tapenade – brand-new! (16 pieces) 1/2 cup parsley, carefully chopped1/2 cup dried cranberries, separated (they tend to stick) 1/4 cup pitted black olives, carefully chopped1/4 cup pitted green olives, carefully chopped2 tablespoon additional virgin olive oilChilli Mint Prawns on Parmesan Pea Puree – brand-new! (16 pieces) 150g/ 5oz frozen peas1/2 little garlic clove, minced2 tablespoon parmesan, carefully grated1/4 tsp each salt and pepper250g/ 8oz prepared peeled prawns/shrimp (500g/1lb prepared whole, Note 5) 2 tablespoon mint leaves, carefully choppedExtra virgin olive oil, for drizzling1 tablespoon parsley, carefully chopped1 tablespoon big red chilli (cayenne peppers), carefully sliced InstructionsCrostiniPreheat oven to 160°° C/ 320 ° F( all oven types). Brush bread with oil, spray with salt, flip and repeat. Bake 5 minutes. Eliminate, then rub the surface area gently with garlic. Bake for a more 5 minutes till totally crispy, then get rid of and cool completely prior to topping.Caprese: Place all component other than balsamic glaze in a bowl and carefully toss. Taste and include more salt &&pepper if wanted. Spoon onto crostini, then drizzle with balsamic glaze. Done!Smoked Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese: Mix cream cheese, lemon enthusiasm, lemon juice, salt, dill and pepper. Spread on crostini, then fold salmon on top. Leading with 3 capers, sprig of dill. Serve!Mediterranean: Finely sliced antipasto mix. Smear crostini with ricotta, stack of antipasto. Ready!Garlic Prawn/Shrimp Avocado: Cook prawns: Toss prawns with 1 tablespoon oil, pepper, garlic and salt. Preheat big frying pan over high heat with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Include half the prawns and cook till simply prepared. Eliminate, then repeat with staying prawns.Cool, then slice into 0.75 cm/ 1/3″ pieces and move to bowl. Include 1 tablespoon olive oil, eschallots, coriander and lime. Toss, then include more salt and pepper to taste.Assemble: Smear crostini with avocado, then spoon over shrimp. Transfer to serving platter.Strawberry Goats Cheese: Spread crostini with goats cheese. Leading with layered strawberry pieces. Drizzle with honey prior to serving, spray with thyme.Rare Roast Beef with Hot English Mustard: Spread crostini with as much English Mustard as you attempt(!), then cream cheese. Curtain with a piece of beef, leading with sprig of rocket.Holiday Tapenade: Mix Tapenade components in a little bowl. Reserve for a minimum of 30 minutes to let the flavours blend, then taste and include salt if required.Spread crostini with goats cheese. Overdo Holiday Tapenade. Serve!Chilli Mint Prawns on Parmesan Pea Puree: Pea puree: Boil peas per package instructions till soft, then drain pipes well. Transfer to little bowl. Include garlic, parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper. Blitz with portable mixer stick up until smooth. Stir through mint and lemon juice. Reserve to completely cool.Prawns: Peel then slice meat into 0.75 – 1 cm pieces.Assemble: Smear crostini with pea puree. Overdo prawn, drizzle with olive oil, spray with parsley and chilli. Notes1. Bread – utilize a thin stick of bread so the crostini is little. They need to be around 2 bite size as soon as sliced on diagonal – Artisan/ sourdough bread works best since they toast up truly crisp which implies they remain crispier for longer when garnishes are on. Any thin bread can be utilized. 2. Infant bocconcini – they are simply little bocconcini, about the size of cherry tomatoes (they’re likewise called “cherry bocconcini”) 3. Caprese – cut the bocconcini and cherry tomatoes into approximately the very same size. 4. Spreadable Cream Cheese is simply softer cream cheese than what you get in blocks. It is available in tubs. If you can’t discover it, softened typical cream cheese is great too, or creme fraiche. 5. Cooked prawns – if you choose to prepare your own, utilize this Garlic Prawns dish. It will make the crostini a lot more fantastic! Usage dish scaler to change amount (click portions and move down to 250g/8oz prawns). 6. Making ahead – crostini can be made 5 days ahead, kept in an airtight container. Garnishes must be made fresh, though you can slice and do things to prepare ahead. Simply make certain they’re 100% crisp out of the oven. As soon as put together, they remain quite crispy for 30 minutes+ if used artisan bread. Even after an hour they’re still acceptably crispy!

Originally released October 2019, upgraded with 4 brand-new crostini garnishes in November 2020.

.Life of Dozer.

Now you see it …. now you wear’’ t!!

 Dozer smoked salmon


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