Start your next tour in style at the INEC in Killarney, Ireland


The real bonus of rehearsing at the INEC is that there is a wealth of facilities within walking distance of the venue, all offering completely different experiences. One phone call can build the package you need. I had a promoter fly in to see the act I was rehearsing and booked him into the
4 star Brehon Hotel, the artists & crew stayed in the spacious apartments adjacent to the venue and the creative team stayed in the Gleneagle Hotel adjoining the venue. The different dining options also met my every need. Each in their own way suited my budget while the facilities within each matched the expectations of my guests and I was able to put everything on one all-inclusive bill. The INEC itself was a perfect space to rehearse the show before we embarked on a tour as I was able to use the exact configuration of lights, sound and staging we would have on the road.
We hit the first venue in the U.S. as prepared as the final show 8 weeks later. All in all, it’s a one stop facility nestled in a magical part of the world.
Eric Cunningham – Producer
Maverick Music Ltd/Celtic Entertainments