Gluten free and chewy Cowboy Cookies

Gluten complimentary cowboy cookies are hearty and chewy, with simply the correct amount of chocolate chips in a huge, generous cookie loaded with oats and coconut chips.

 Cowboy cookies organized overlapping on white cake plate

.The cowboy cookies origin story.

I’’ m no cowboy, and honestly I was constantly sort of neutral about Laura Bush, however these are some seriously excellent cookies. I wear’’ t believe she “ developed ” cowboy cookies. Plainly, Tipper Gore didn ’ t stand a possibility with her gingersnap cookies.

I enjoy stylish, hot gingersnaps, however if I’’ m getting in a contest I’’ m disappointing up with that. Even simply aesthetically, a cookie with mix-ins beats a straight-up cutout cookie without any icing, no absolutely nothing, any day of the week.

Let’’ s neglect that, as just recently as election year 2000, Family Circle Magazine held a cookie bake-off in between the governmental prospects’ ’ spouses, Tipper Gore and Laura Bush. That particular wifely stereotype, like that’’ s all that they ’ re helpful for, has the good news is been overthrown( right?).


I ’ m simply in it for the cookies anyhow. My gluten totally free cowboy cookies are hearty and chewy (oats!), with simply the correct amount of chocolate chips in a huge, generous gluten complimentary chocolate chip cookie.

 Raw cowboy cookies on white paper on tray

.A nubby, hearty cookie.

My variation of gluten totally free cowboy cookies, seen in these pictures and the how-to video, wear’’ t spread much, if at all, throughout baking. I cut down on the butter required in the initial dish (or a minimum of Laura Bush’’ s variation of it).

I desired a thick cookie that was crispy on the outdoors, chewy on the within. Form them prior to baking in the way in which you’’d like them to turn out after baking.

This is not the kind of cookie you’’ re going to consume when it’’ s gooey, as it has a crisp exterior when it cools. After baking and prior to they’’ re cool, the cookies will be vulnerable. After they’’ re primarily cool, their nubby and crisp texture outside makes them extremely steady.

 Closeup picture of baked cowboy cookies on baking tray

.What the raw cookie dough resembles.

This cookie dough doesn’’ t occur to be specifically sticky, although the cookies are chewy inside. Typically, the chewiest cookies start with the stickiest cookie dough.

These cookies are made in one bowl, utilizing what’’ s called the “ reverse cream ” approach, where the damp active ingredients are blended into the dry. By doing this we put on’’ t include much air to the cookie dough, which protects the hearty, chewy taste.

There’’ s enough butter and eggs to dampen all of the dry components, however you might discover that a few of the most dry active ingredients appear to withstand integrating. Simply keep pushing the underside of the bowl of the spoon or spatula you are utilizing for blending into the damp components so they take in the flour.

Mix the dough with a spoon for as long as you can in the past changing to utilizing tidy, dry hands to knead the dough together. Too lots of damp active ingredients will stick to your fingers if you touch the dough with your hands too quickly.

I put on’’ t suggest utilizing a portable mixer, considering that beaters will aerate the dough excessive. You can utilize a stand mixer fitted with the paddle accessory and make fast work of making the dough.

 Stack of cowboy cookies with one on its side

.Substitutions and active ingredients Dairy.

In location of the butter in this dish, I suggest attempting Melt or Miyoko’’ s Kitchen brand name vegan butter. I put on’’ t suggest Earth Balance buttery sticks, as they include excessive wetness and your cookies will spread out excessive and possibly burn prior to they’’ re perfectly browned.

If you’’ re dairy-free, beware about your chocolate chips. There are a lot of gluten complimentary ranges of semi sweet chocolate chips. You might utilize any other sort of chip you like for a various taste profile.


There are 2 eggs in this dish. Attempt changing each of them with a ““ chia egg ”( 1 tablespoon ground white chia seeds + 1 tablespoon lukewarm water, blended and permitted to gel).


Purity procedure gluten complimentary oats are, undoubtedly, securely gluten complimentary. If you can’’ t discover those sort of oats, or you just won’’ t consume them, you can attempt utilizing beaten rice in their location (for more information on oat alternatives in baking <— If you believe you wear’’ t look after coconut, you may not recognize with the excellent kind of coconut (simply a concept). are you thinking about the bagged, shredded sweetened coconut?

If you’’ ve never ever attempted the large, flat coconut flakes that are often called coconut chips, I send that you’’ re offering coconut brief. If you wish to change it here, however, perhaps attempt an equivalent quantity, by weight, of sliced nuts.

The coconut chips are including taste and texture, however not actually participating in the chain reaction in any significant method. Experiment away!


 Cowboy cookies baked on white paper on tray

 Cowboy Cookies closeup image and in a stack with one cookie on its side  Gluten Free Cowboy Cookies  Gluten Free Cowboy Cookies


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